Saturday, November 19, 2005

C'mon Baby, Give it Up, Don't Do a Man Like That
Here's a reason why, contrary to the NPR commentator who seems to think blogs are either a threat to the Republic or the world's largest circle jerk, we need 'em. It's because bloggers, by way of expressing their opinions, often get at truths the mainstreamers wouldn't think of, or couldn't touch:
I'm growing alarmed by the rhetoric being employed by those on the right who don't want to admit Iraq was a mistake and get the fuck out of there. Luckily, the sex-obsessed porn liberal side of me is noticing a certain, shall we say, metaphor that is being riffed off of in the propaganda blitz to convince people we need to "stay the course". It was this headline that did me in:

Heading toward a pressured and premature pullout?

And this:

Withdrawal mania

Shameless, no? If public opinion continues to turn against this war, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before you start seeing headlines at Townhall that say things like, "Don't castrate the war effort". There's definitely a certain pouty, frat boy-style date rape mentality that's permeating the excuses that are coming from the right when it comes not only to Iraq but to the misleading of the Democrats and the American people generally into the war under false premises.
That's Amanda Marcotte over at Pandagon, providing me with an "of course!" moment regarding the war and its supporters. But once she turns the light on, the whole idea makes a lot of sense. The hardcores on the right are obsessed with sex: who does it to who, how it's done, what the results of it are--and so it's no wonder that they might react to other aspects of public policy through the lens of sex, even unconsciously.

On the subject of Repug attitudes demonstrated over the last couple of days, John at AMERICABlog has worked through the meme that the Repugs really don't give a damn about the soldiers in Iraq, or, in the broader sense, potential soldiers of military age anywhere in the country. (The Rude Pundit goes further, and says they don't really give a damn about anybody but themselves.) They're insisting that we will stay in Iraq no matter what--which means that even if it meant the death of every single American under the age of 40 on a battlefield somewhere, that would be a proper price to pay. To pay for what? Neocon fantasy and Bush's political cojones.

As war aims go, they ain't exactly making the world safe for democracy, or the Four Freedoms, are they?

Recommended Reading: Hunter at Daily Kos on the changing face of the media as the Iraq meltdown continues.

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