Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ooo! Ooo-oo! Ooh! Bill O'Reilly, who has finally had enough of big bad liberals smearing him on the Internets, is going to publish an enemies' list on his website! In hopes of finally making the big time, I just sent him this e-mail (oreilly@foxnews.com):

I rang doorbells for Kerry on Election Day. I voted for Bill Clinton. And Dukakis. And I would have voted for McGovern if I'd been old enough. And if Satan himself ran for office against any Republican from dog catcher on up, I might not vote for him, but I'd send money.

Speaking of Satan running for office, I think Hillary would make a fine president.

I'm sorry I am not a woman so I can't get pregnant and have an abortion for fun.

I have a blog (The Daily Aneurysm) which I think qualifies as part of the liberal smear machine. At least I hope it does. I work very hard to subvert conservatism every chance I get.

Can I please be on your enemies list?

Happy holidays,
How I Spent My Tuesday: I have been blogging extensively elsewhere today: at Best of the Blogs, where I reported the real reason why He Who Shall Not Be Named is in Mongolia today, and at The Hits Just Keep On Comin', where I tell more strange tales of my radio days. So go read already.

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