Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Short Attention Span Theater
Time for another edition of our occasional link dump/quick comment feature, in case you need to be spending your time cooking a turkey or picking up your house for company instead of surfing the Internets.

Item: Teen People has spiked a story on Prussian Blue, a white-supremacist singing duo featuring 13-year-old twins--but not before "a junior employee" made "unauthorized assurances" that the article would downplay the racist angle.

There's nothing so sad as an unemployed junior employee at holiday time.

Item: On two recent high-profile votes in the House, not a single Democrat voted with the Repugs.

Comment: If Nancy Pelosi and the leadership can keep it up, we'll turn the country blue yet--only this time it won't be because we're holding our breath to keep from smelling the GOP stench. Party unity: It's what's for dinner.

Item: The administration's plans to combat a bird-flu outbreak aren't so much "plans" as they are carelessly developed notions that will serve mostly to close the barn door once the horse escapes--although they will protect the drug companies' right to make as much money as possible off the pandemic.

Comment: Quelle surprise.

Item: Conservative thinker Bill Kristol says "the administration looks weak right now."

Comment: "Right now"? Where you been the last few months, Bill?

Item: FEMA is out with its list of top accomplishments in 2005. Heading the list is its response to Hurricane Katrina.

Comment: I'm sorry, I can't think of a joke that's any funnier than that.

Item: Tom Cruise has bought pregnant fiancee Katie Holmes her own sonogram machine.

Comment: OK, that's funnier.

Although the Sage of Pennsylvania may post here at some point in the next few days, I will be out of blogging range entirely for much of the weekend. (I'll have a Thanksgiving-themed post at The Hits Just Keep On Comin' tomorrow, however.) So may your turkey be tasty and your buns unburned--and may you not run out of wine until you're damn good and ready to stop drinking anyway.

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