Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Blog Storm
Pick any of the major blogs and prepare to be swamped in bloggy goodness. Reaction and news involving the illegal wiretaps is the biggest blog event since Terri Schiavo last spring. Actually, the buzz involves more than just the wiretaps themselves--it's also about how Republicans are trying to explain them away, and what Democrats are saying in response. It's even about who the government has been looking at.

It's a motherlode of information and commentary, really. And that's not all of it. Intelligent Design got dissed bigtime by the court today, as the Dover, Pennsylvania, ruling was announced.

I haven't been this happy in months. Truly, Christmas has come a few days early.

Throw in Iraq, shake well, and you get this: Congressman John Conyers has submitted bills in the House that would censure Bush and Cheney, create a select committee to investigate the administration's crimes, and make recommendations regarding grounds for impeachment. The After Downing Street folks have a website up, CensureBush.org, that has the details and will continue to provide information on the effort. The website offers a link to contact your own representative and ask them to sign on as a co-sponsor and/or support the effort. Your assignment is to click the link and contact your representative, wherever you live in the United States. It looks to me like we're at a moment when public opinion and pressure might actually make a difference, particularly if members of Congress--especially Republican members and Democrat backbenchers--find themselves drowning in demands for answers. After all, it's not just liberals who are criticizing the administration this time--it's bipartisan.

If you want to do something, this is a start. If you have your own blog, post about the Conyers resolutions, and then submit the URL to Big Brass Alliance.

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