Friday, January 13, 2006

Reality--Who Needs It?
On a day when the media has declared Sam Alito confirmed, thus making a perfectly justifiable filibuster into the petulant act of dead-enders who want only to obstruct the good and perfect plans of Our Dear Leader, I need a day off from all the trouble in the world, so I'm taking it.

If you want something to read, there's James Wolcott's elegant smackdown of a critic. You don't have to know anything about the issues he's discussing, or about the tedious history of Pajamas Media, to enjoy the mightiness of his snark.

Or you could read this article about the sleazy power of the "jack" radio format, which is coming soon to a station near you, if it hasn't already. ("Jack" stations in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Dallas are partnering with Fox this Sunday in a 24-hour commercial-free promotion of the season premiere of 24, the continuing adventures of special agent Jack Bauer. There's no end to corporate synergy, apparently.)

Or you could go to The Hits Just Keep On Comin' for today's Friday Random 10.

Tomorrow: More avoidance of the real, in favor of my NFL playoff predictions, and a few stray thoughts about the new coach of my beloved Green Bay Packers.

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