Friday, March 24, 2006

Basketball Would Be a Better Game if it Were Hockey
Links and notes from here and there, live from the bagel shop in the northern suburbs of Milwaukee:

All Your TVs Are Belong to Us: During the 1970s, people first became aware of something called the "tour rider," in which celebrities, mostly rock stars, made special requests of the arenas at which they performed and hotels at which they stayed. These commonly involve catering, but sometimes extend to furniture, entertainment options, and other requests. The most famous tour rider request was the one supposedly standard in the contract of Van Halen, who requested big bowls of M&Ms, but with the brown ones removed. Over at the Smoking Gun, they've gotten their hands on Dick Cheney's "tour rider", which is sent to all hotels at which Shooter will be staying. Most outrageous request: all TVs in the vice-president's suite must be pre-tuned to Fox News. I'd give a $50 tip to a chambermaid just to have her tune Shooter's TVs to Amy Goodman's Democracy Now instead. (When I stay in hotels, I use the add/delete channels feature on the TV or the remote to program out Fox News. You should do it, too. Maybe we'll start a trend.)

Drop the Puck: While most of the sports freaks in the country are focused on the NCAA men's basketball tournament, University of Wisconsin sports freaks are all about the hockey. This afternoon, the Badger women open NCAA Frozen Four play in Minneapolis against St. Lawrence. If they win, they play for the national championship tomorrow. Tomorrow, the top-seeded Badger men open NCAA first-round play in Green Bay against Bemidji State. If they win, they play for a Frozen Four bid of their own on Sunday. Take that, Canada: Madison is the hockey capital of the world.

Reclaim Your Purity: Abstinence-only sex education can change your life. In the hands of a master educator, it can make a left-wing lesbian into a pure young virgin fit to marry a Republican. Righteousbabe reports.

Talk Amongst Yourselves: If you're a Christian, riddle me this: Do you believe in Hell? And does it bother you that people you know and love may be going there?

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