Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's 5:00--Do You Know Where Your Testicles Are?
(This post requires a parental advisory for explicit language. Really: If you've got one of those Internet filters that blocks naughty sites, farewell--it's been good to know you.)

Here are a couple of candidates for Quotes of the Day. First, on the likely appointment of Fox News analyst Tony Snow as White House Press Secretary, from Joe in DC at AMERICABlog: "Tomorrow we'll see the actual morphing of FOX News into the White House. . . ."

It occurs to me that Snow's appointment is a remarkable fuck-you to quite nearly everybody, but especially "the liberal media." True, He Who Shall Not Be Named could have picked Hannity, which would have been an even bigger invitation to self-copulation, and the synergy between the White House and Fox was already clear, but still, as an example of how little the administration cares about how it's perceived, this is big.

Elsewhere, HWSNBN gave an embarrassing speech yesterday in which he yammered on about Iraq again, saying, "[T]he confluence of a terrorist network with weapons of mass destruction is the biggest threat the United States of America faces. They have said it's just a matter of time." The Rude Pundit asks:
"Who the fuck is the 'they' there? Intelligence analysts? His cabinet? Or are 'they' the terrorists themselves? 'Cause, like, that'd mean that a bunch of sexually repressed crazed religious fundamentalists are setting our foreign policy and dictating massive spending and loss of life on the part of the United States and . . . oh, fuck, the irony just made the Rude Pundit's nuts retreat into his body cavity in fear."
If irony and fear really make the Rude Pundit's nuts do that, they must be pretty far up after five years of similar nonsense. I know mine are.

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