Friday, May 26, 2006

Late Update
The Duke women's lacrosse team is not wearing "innocent" sweatbands in their NCAA tournament game tonight, in solidarity with their male counterparts--some are wearing sweatbands with the numbers of the three men's players indicted in the rape/assault scandal. Other players were seen warming up in sweatbands that read, "No excuses, no regrets." Which is even more hideously inappropriate than "innocent." Never mind that it may refer to the women's team's sense of commitment in the NCAA tournament--when people are watching to see what they're wearing, "no excuses, no regrets" sounds an awful lot like, "Yeah, the boys did it, but they shouldn't have to apologize, and if they did it again, it would be OK with us. What are you gonna do about it?"

I don't care if that's not what they mean--that's how it looks. By going forward with this, they've clearly gotten some horrible advices from their coaches, their parents, their friends, and whomever else gave it to them, only they're incapable of seeing it.

If there's any justice, they'll get blown off the field tonight. They deserve it.

We now return to the weekend, already in progress.

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