Friday, May 26, 2006

This, That, and the Other Thing
We're in pre-holiday mode here at the Daily Aneurysm. That means we've been doing our regular amount of screwing around in lieu of working, but we don't feel guilty about it. It looks like the first official weekend of summer is going to be summery here in Wisconsin, with the thermometer headed for 90 by Sunday. We're ready. The World's Largest Brat Fest starts today in Madison, in which over 175,000 bratwurst will be consumed by Monday evening, such that simply breathing the air in Dane County will raise your cholesterol level. We're ready for that, too. Who wants to live forever?

We were highly entertained last week when Deadspin, our favorite sports blog, put up a list of the strangest, weirdest, or most pathetic sports team nicknames. Today, Deadspin has topped even that: Ladies and gentlemen, the hockey team at the Rhode Island School of Design is called the Nads. And here is their mascot.

This could only happen in hockey.

We were entertained earlier this week by an article in the June Harper's by David Samuels. It's a sort of ethnographic study of the Super Bowl in Detroit last February, in which Samuels hung out with pregame entertainer Stevie Wonder, watched the halftime show featuring the Stones roll onto the field, visited with officials, talked to fans, and attended postgame player press conferences. In the apparent fact that Wonder's inspiration for his funky, synthesizer-driven 70s sound was Switched-On Bach, the famous 1968 album of classical interpretations on the Moog synthesizer recorded by Walter Carlos, Samuels finds a metaphor for American life that's worthy of being not just Quote of the Day, but Quote of the Week: "[the] free-floating weirdness of American life will always escape any attempt to make us seem like a normal country rather than a furious human-wave assault on the farthest shores of reality."

That may end up adorning the top of this blog before very long.

And so we welcome the Memorial Day weekend. As we are sticking close to home this year, there may be new posts here between now and Tuesday, and there may not be. Don't worry about it. Turn your damn computer off and go outside to play. Drive carefully. Eat a brat.

The Other Thing: Some worthwhile MP3 downloads at The Hits Just Keep On Comin'.

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