Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Daily Aneurysm: Accidentally Worth its Salt
Man, I love it when this blog accidentally becomes relevant and timely. Here are updates on some of the gasbaggery found here over the last couple of days:

Update Number One: I got a fight-high-gas-prices forward in my e-mail today, but it wasn't the one petitioning Bush to do something to lower prices that I expected to receive. It was one suggesting that if we'd just stop buying gasoline from Exxon and Mobil, they would be forced by lack of demand to lower their prices, and other gasoline retailers would have to follow suit. And voila! Cheap gasoline would soon return, and there would be much rejoicing.

It won't work. If you stop buying gas from one or two companies but intend to keep driving, you're just going to have to buy gasoline from somebody else. Thus, the demand that no longer exists at stations A and B, which you are boycotting, is going to be made up by increased demand for what's on sale at station C. The only way to really curtail demand is to stop buying gasoline altogether. Park your car, take the bus, ride a bike, get a horse.

Update Number Two: We've been sharing our summer reading lists this week, too. (If you haven't revealed what you've been reading yet, click here and go to "comments.") You may have noticed that George W. Bush's own list got some publicity recently. We're supposed to believe he's reading big historical tomes like Mark Kurlansky's Salt, for example. In the past, we've been told he's read a biography of former secretary of state Dean Acheson, and the hefty official report of the 9/11 commission. At Alternet, Kir Slevin ain't buying it. Slevin is pretty sure Bush isn't really reading any of these books, and that the list is an attempt on the part of his handlers to make him seem more like an actual president and less like a moron.

Update Number Three: Pat Robertson is still a boil on the ass of humankind. That isn't newsworthy. But now he's a liar, too, claiming he never said he wanted Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez assassinated, even though videotape of his remarks shows he did. (Videotape must be of the devil.) That the sanctimonious turd is getting blasted for his kill-Chavez remark by more than the usual liberal suspects might be the most gratifying political event of the summer.

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