Friday, December 02, 2005

Hey, Look, I Got Promoted
This blog got a mention on the website of Madison's alternative weekly, Isthmus, earlier this week, in an article about the hearing on the same-sex marriage constitutional amendment held at the Capitol. Citing bloggers' responses to the hearing, they noted this post from Tuesday, but they called me "Jed Bartlett."

As the real TV Jed Bartlet (man spells his name wrong) might say, "What's next?"

Well, how about this? I didn't feel quite right about posting it yesterday when I first noticed it, given that it was Blog Against Racism Day--thus not the day for a white man to use the word "nigger" on his blog. But today is another day, and off we go.

People who object to the use of that word on The Boondocks on Cartoon Network were doubtless quiet unhappy with the latest episode (airing again tomorrow night at 11PM Central), which revolved around the concept of "nigga moments." The episode defines them as those instances "when ignorance overwhelms the mind of an otherwise logical Negro man." As Huey explains, two guys bump into one another on the street (for example) and instead of saying "excuse me" and moving on, they turn the incident into a potentially lethal confrontation. (The show's main storyline involved such a moment between Huey and Riley's granddad and a blind man outside a shopping mall.)

I found it all pretty educational, really. And at one point in his discourse, Huey Freeman/Aaron McGruder won Quote of the Day (for the next several days) by observing, "Nigga moments are the third leading cause of death among black men, behind (2) pork chops and (1) FEMA."

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