Sunday, June 04, 2006

Moving Day
This is the 1,238th post at the Daily Aneurysm since it moved to Blogspot in October 2003.

It is also the last one for a while. Maybe a long while. Maybe forever.

I have been an occasional contributor at Best of the Blogs for a couple of years now. That site has now been redesigned as a blog portal. Each contributor will have his own page, and each post will be linked from the main page. (The model for the system is the diaries at Daily Kos, although BotB has far fewer "diarists.") And because the daily traffic at Best of the Blogs dwarfs what I receive here, I've decided to do my regular blogging there in hopes of reaching more readers.

Hey, I'm a whore like everyone else.

You will still be able to find me if you click this link and bookmark it. If you use an aggregator, there will be an RSS feed for my BotB page, but it's not live yet. The original Daily Aneurysm site will stay live, because there's a pretty significant part of my writing life stored over here, but also because I'm reserving the right to return to the old homestead at some future time if I want to. I will continue to write about pop music and radio at The Hits Just Keep On Comin' as always.

My thanks to all who have made regular visits to this quiet corner of the Internet since 2003. Hope you will be part of the crowd at the new place.

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